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On Fairfield Summer Theatre's "Ragtime"

"Kaela O’Connor, who plays Mother, is absolutely stunning.  She has a maturity to her voice but also to her acting that puts her in another league. Her vocals on the stirring “Back to Before” were as good as anything you’ll hear all season in any theatre in town. And I’m not surprised, given she’s a rising senior at UC-CCM this fall.  She’s got unlimited potential and from what I understand is almost savant-like in her ability to memorize lines, songs, dance, and blocking.  I’m excited to follow her career"

~Kirk Sheppard of The Sappy Critic

On CCM's "Blood Brothers"

“Kaela O’Connor is at her tomboy best as Linda, the mutual friend of these blood brothers and Mickey’s eventual wife.  She really is an extremely versatile performer its a pleasure to see another side of her (her RAGTIME performance this summer was astounding.)”

~Kirk Sheppard of The Sappy Critic



"As Linda, Kaela O'Connor adeptly conveys much through non-verbal acting choices, and is a great feminine foil to the two "boys" throughout. Knapp, Amundson, and O'Connor each display versatility and talent playing roles that age from seven through adulthood. These three and the ensemble members who portray other children do a wonderful job of capturing the stress-free exuberance of childhood play.” 

~Scott Cain of Talkin' Broadway



On Greater Hamilton Civic Theatre's "White Christmas"

"But I think its safe to say that Ms. O’Connor stole the show during the extended tap sequence"

~Kirk Sheppard of The Sappy Critic


"While she was on the piano, she had the whole audience in the palm of her hand.  She would wink, and people felt like she was winking at them.  She would flick her head, and the audience would go wherever she wanted them to go” 

~Mark Pannek


On Kings Island Entertainment 

"It never fails to impress me how easily it seems some people can pick up dance moves and vocal tracks just by watching.  Kaela O’Connor has seamlessly moved into a swing role with ease.  Kaela stepped right into “Rock and Roll Never Forgets” without missing a beat learning at least two tracks on top of the four she knows as the swing in “British Invasion”.  It's amazing how easy she makes it look"

~Kirk Sheppard of Fans of Kings Island Entertainment

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