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Trust • Mutual Respect • Play

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Created for Class Act Performing Arts Studio 
January 2020

Created for Class Act Performing Arts Studio 
January 2020

As someone who understands that there is more to the art of performing than pointing your feet and singing high, I create an environment for young people to grow into artists of integrity. I nurture and challenge all my students, regardless of experience level or background, to become their best selves. I support every student’s individual development in a way and at a pace that works best for them, even if that means adapting my own plans to better suit the needs of the individual or the group. In my classroom, everyone is family; I foster an environment where we work together and we respect and support each other, no matter our differences outside the classroom. 


It is my belief that hard work, respect and self‐confidence work in tandem with artistry and poise, and that professionalism and fun do not have to be mutually exclusive.  While relying heavily on the notion of play, I offer a safe space for all and a positive learning environment where my students feel valued for what they each have to offer, and one where we not only work hard, but have a lot of fun doing it. I understand that my ego has no place in the classroom, and by being able to relate to and get on the level of my students, I create an environment of mutual trust and respect, therefore achieving the greatest possible result. My students feel that class and rehearsals are the place to make big choices, take big risks, have big fun, and make big progress.

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